Private fees

Treatment Private DenplanDenplan EssentialsDenplan Care
New Patient Consultation with X-rays£75.00--
Routine Check-up£46.00--
Radiographs Small£11.00--
Emergency Appointments£75.00--
Extraction (from)£95.00£76.00-
Amalgam Fillings (from)£95.00£76.00-
White Fillings (from)£95.00£76.00-
Root Treatment (from)£250.00£200.00-
Crowns/Inlays (from)£400.00£320.00£49.00 *
Metal Free Crowns (from)£500.00£400.00£110.00 *
Veneers (from)£400.00£320.00£70.00 *
Full Dentures (from) Acrylic/Metal/Valplast£300.00£240.00£60.00 *
Partial Dentures (Acrylic/Metal/Valplast) (from)£250.00£250.00£42.50 *
Mouthguards (from)£85.00£68.00£46.00
Hygienist Visit - 30 mins (Basic hygiene and stain removal)£60.00
Hygienist Visit – 20 mins (Basic hygiene and stain removal)£42.00£33.60
See Below **
Periodontal Treatment - 40 mins£84.00£67.20
Surgery Time (per hour)£250.00£200.00-
Soft Splint£85.00£68.00-
Tooth Whitening - Home Kit£295.00£295.00£295.00
Tooth Whitening - Whitewash(chair side)£525.00£525.00£525.00
Botox - 1 area£175.00--
Botox - 2 areas£199.00--
Botox - 3 areas£249.00--
Implants (from)£2500.00--
Implant Assessment£70.00

*Indication of lab costs (costs will vary depending on type of option chosen).

**Number of hygiene appointments depends on patient category and monthly payment.

Please note: all cosmetic treatment which is not required clinically is not included in Denplan Care. Cosmetic treatment will be provided with a 20% discount for all Denplan patients.